Spring Sprinkles – Engagement Photography Session

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I would like to share with you a wonderful Spring sprinkles engagement photography story with Sung-hee and David, in Boston.

The day of their engagement photography session had Spring sprinkles on and off. But while outside, Sung-hee and David’s smiles made the sprinkles stop, and the drops on the ground made for a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

We started our photography session from the luxurious Fifteen Beacon Hotel, which is filled with gorgeous throughout. No details seems left out and the color of elevator walls are really beautiful deep mahogany. When we stepped in, I told Sung-hee and David, “I really like this color! Can we take photos at here?” They were surprised and said to me, “Last night, when we came in here, we talked about how WE want a photograph inside the elevator!” The hotel was gorgeous, the staff was very nice, I love there! After shooting at the hotel, we moved to Beacon Hill. The sprinkles became a little harder so we stopped by J.P. Licks. YEAH! Sung-hee and David fed each other ice cream – it was so cute. The last place was Sung-hee’s request (and it was great suggestion) to go to the Charles / MGH station. They were such a lovely couple and made a nostalgic breathtaking scene as they posed on the platform. I really appreciate Sung-hee and David giving me a great opportunity to work with them, and I am really happy to be able to share a great time with such a gorgeous and fun couples. I really love this job!

I am so exited to photograph their wedding day in NH and VT soon!