Tips for perfect wedding photography

1. Meet your photographer before the wedding

The best wedding photography starts with a good relationship between the wedding photographer and the married couple to be. Meeting in advance is a great time for me to get a feel for the bride and groom’s personality. I want to capture your unique bond and vibe in your photos!

2. Practice poses during your engagement photography session

Before their engagement photography session, a lot of brides say, “I worry that my fiancé doesn’t know how to pose. He’s not good at taking photos.” But, after the session, brides have told me, “We were having so much fun I forgot that I was worried about posing! I was caught up in the excitement of the moment.”

The engagement photography session is a great opportunity to practice poses, indulge in some loving PDA and hold your fiancé close before your wedding day. It will also help you get used to being in front of a camera.

Moreover, you can use your beautiful engagement photography for your wedding invitations, wedding registry, guest book, guest board, venue display photos and more.

3. Prepare photography with family and friends in advance

Your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to have a photography session with those closest to you. Just be prepared – time goes by twice as fast on your wedding day. You won’t want to waste time waiting for and chasing down family and friends! Make a family and friend photography schedule so they know when to be ready for photos before the wedding starts. You can choose whether you want to have the session before your ceremony, after your ceremony or during cocktail hour.

To help you keep track of people, make a list of loved ones you want to confirm photo time with. Give the list to the maid of honor, best man or someone who knows your family and friends well. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to take a photo with those dearest to you.

4. Establish a relaxed pre-wedding schedule

Before the ceremony, there’s a lot of preparation – getting your makeup done, styling your hair, putting on your gown and more. Everything will take more time than you expect. Put a buffer of down-time in your wedding timeline, and then enjoy all the exhilaration of being a bride.

5. Getting your hands camera-ready

Everyone is going to ask to see your ring, and I’m sure getting a manicure is one of the first things on your to-do list. For a classic look, consider getting a French or nude color manicure, and ask for finger hair removal. I am going to photograph both your and your fiancé’s hands for a close-up of the rings – so it’s worth bringing some hand lotion for the groom, as well.

6. Don’t forget the wedding invitation!

Please don’t forget to bring your wedding invitation. I will photograph your invitation with your bouquet, engagement ring and wedding band.

7. Select a pretty hanger for your wedding dress

Do you really want to photograph your beautiful gown with a plastic hanger? No way! Choose a nice hanger to display the gown you’ve been dreaming of wearing. Wooden hangers are good for a chic look. All the little details will make your wedding photography perfect!!

8. Keep accessories for the bridal party organized

The jewelry, shoes and other accessories for the bridal party are likely to be similar. In order to keep track of which is yours, your bridesmaids and your mother’s, take the time to label or separate them. You may want to give the task of keeping an extra set of eyes on your accessories to the maid of honor.