Pakistani wedding photography

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This Boston wedding photography story – the first Pakistani wedding that I have photographed, a beautiful 2 day wedding event on July 13th and 14th. To prepare for photographing this Pakistani wedding I got sought advice from my Pakistani friend Umbereen. Also the bride, and I exchanged emails regarding wedding details. I heard from a very experienced Boston wedding photographer that he has not had Pakistani wedding photography experience, so I am very honored to get this great opportunity to photograph their wedding. Thank you for choosing me as your part of wedding day.

The day before the wedding ceremony and wedding day had interesting wedding traditions, and it was familiar for me. For example during the wedding ceremony, exchange money and groom in Pakistan, exchange money and bride in Japan. Priest read some lines from the Quran that sound similar to Buddhism chant. Those similarity remind me the word from bride when I met bride and groom at the first time. She said to me, “I thought you will understand cultural difference and our custom.” Japan and Pakistan are not close counties, but I felt we have common oriental thinking and mindset and similar wedding custom. My Japanese background helped a lot to adapt Pakistani culture quickly. It was fun, great and beautiful wedding photography in Boston.

The day before wedding ceremony was held at one of the University in Boston area. Bride and groom’s family and some important friends were invited to this wedding ceremony. Bride and groom gave a signature on the wedding certification while in separate places. Bride was in the car, groom was inside of the building. I took photos of groom and my assistant was outside with bride as she waited to come inside. While bride waited for the marriage certificate ceremony to finish, my assistant asked bride to show her beautiful wedding dress and henna art in front of the wall which was by the window. Then bride started peaking inside. How romantic! It was great wedding photojournalism for bride and groom and one of the benefits of getting an assistant. I appreciated such a great assistant’s job.At the start of the wedding, the bride came inside of the venue with a veil over her head, dressed in a beautiful pink and orange wedding dress. The family and friends also wore colorful and dresses. Women started dancing and then moved on to the henna ceremony. People came to bride and groom’s place and feed them, then guest put henna on bride and groom’s fingers.The second day of the wedding was held at the Oakley Country Club, Watertown, MA. The venue was surrounded by huge windows and a lot of natural lighting came inside – perfect for bridal photography. It was very pleasant place for a wedding. Lighting was perfect to photograph bride and groom. Just look at their beauty!We went to one of the golf courses to photograph bride and groom pose shots. We took both traditional and contemporary wedding photography posed shots, and we extracted her beauty with her henna covered hands and wedding dress.One really fun part of a Pakistani wedding ceremony is the stealing of the groom’s shoes. The bride’s family took the groom’s shoes and gave him a glass of milk, then bride’s family started negotiating with groom. If you want to get back your shoes, give me money!!! This milk ceremony is the one of Pakistani wedding custom. It was really interesting experience I have never had before.

Another interesting Pakistani wedding custom comes at the end of the ceremony. When the bride leaves the wedding venue, the Quran is held over her head as she is accompanied by the wedding guests.

A technical aspect of wedding photography that is shown very clearly in the above photo is my use of off camera flash at the reception venue. Notice how bright and clear the wedding guests and venue show up in all of the indoor photos.

As a Boston wedding photographer it was a huge honor and wonderful experience to photograph Pakistani wedding and I hope their marriage is as beautiful as their Pakistani wedding ceremony.

A list of the other wedding vendors included:
Venue: Oakley Country Club
Food: Oakley Country Club
Cake: Konditor Meister
Makeup: Kerri Herlihy
Hair: Lindsay Griffin
Bridal Dress: The House of Kamiar Rokni
Bridal Jewelry: Solitaire Designer Jewelry (Lahore)
Flowers: Agora-Whispers of Spring

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