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  • Tomoko Photo gets you the wedding photography you've always dreamed of. One of New England's premier candid and posed wedding photographers, specializing in traditional and multicultural weddings. I provide timeless, unique, breathtaking wedding photography.

    My wedding photography is about you - your romance, intimacy and passion. I artistically yet naturally preserve the elegance, beauty, details, emotion and surprises of your wedding.

    "We were very pleasantly surprised when Tomoko came to the meeting well researched about [our] wedding customs... [Tomoko] actually reminded my mother about a ceremony which we were supposed to have later during the reception but had forgotten..." S.B.

    I always exceed your expectations and you will find the true essence of your love preserved in my wedding photography - for eternity. I will become your wedding storyteller with a photo-journalistic style. I am unobtrusive, unnoticed as possible and friendly at your wedding.

    "I reserve compliments for the very best... I can truly say that I recommend Tomoko to anyone who wants to remember their big day with smiles throughout their marriage." A.Z.

    I talk about some of my featured Boston wedding photography sessions in my blog (below). I hope you enjoy these couple's beauty and happiness! And when you are preparing for your special day, contact me for a free consultation on your photography needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Boston Wedding Photography Tour

Click cover photo or blog tile, you can see more photos. I would like to start todays wedding photography story describing how I met this friendly, lovely and fun couple. While shopping at a Japanese grocery store in Medford I saw a really happy, beautiful woman (Jianchen) with what appeared to be her significant other (John). […]

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Spring Sprinkles – Engagement Photography Session

Click cover photo or blog tile, you can see more photos. I would like to share with you a wonderful Spring sprinkles engagement photography story with Sung-hee and David, in Boston. The day of their engagement photography session had Spring sprinkles on and off. But while outside, Sung-hee and David’s smiles made the sprinkles stop, […]

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Chinese Wedding Photography

Click cover photo or blog tile, you can see more photos. I looked back my old photos and I really liked Elaine and Jerry’s wedding photography story. They had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, family portrait session, photography session at East Boston Piers Park. East Boston Piers Park is right by the bay and you […]

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