Jewish Wedding Photography – Omni Paker House

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This Massachusetts wedding photography story is about a recent Jewish wedding that I photographed at Omni Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts. This wedding was a blast, partly because of all the happiness and festivities and partly because I worked with my photography mentor and advisor. He is a very experienced Boston wedding photographer and a good friend. Thank you always!

Through various types of weddings, I have learned so many different customs, cultures and traditions. I find Jewish weddings so beautiful with the symbolism and ceremony – some examples with my favorite interpretations: The bride circling the groom seven times symbolizing the seven days of creation. The groom steps on a glass to break at the end of ceremony which symbolizes the fragility of a relationship. And I just love the hora dance – when the bride and groom are carried on top of chairs and go around in circles. It is so fun, with so much excitement!

While there are many different wedding styles, all brides and grooms are so beautiful and happy!!! I am always happy to have opportunity to photograph them.