Emily & Mike – Engagement photography session

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Today’s Boston wedding photography story is about Emily and Mike’s engagement photography session…

July 7th is the Tanabata festival in Japan which celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. So when Emily and Mike picked July 7th for their engagement photography session for wedding invitations and wedding website, I thought “WOW, how it is romantic! I am so exited as a Boston wedding photographer to photograph couple on the lovers’ day.” I went to the Wayside Inn, Sudbury MA, just west of Boston, to meet them. Emily and Mike will have their wedding in this beautiful location in November. I am lucky to have an opportunity to work with such a beautiful, lovely, and fun couple as Emily and Mike. I really appreciated being able to photograph them. Thank you guys!

Emily and Mike told me how the Wayside Inn is beautiful and will have different beauties in the Summer and Fall, then we should try engagement photography session at the same location as their wedding venue. Once I am at the Wayside Inn, I fell in love the atmosphere. There is a white chapel, red water wheel, a waterfall and small bridges – it looks like I was in the scene of a romantic movie. As a women, I envy Emily and Mike can have their wedding in this amazingly location.

During the session we saw another wedding’s bride, maid of honor and bride’s father rode on a carriage with a white horse from the restaurant to the white chapel, which is about 500 meters away. I am so exited just imagining the moment during Emily’s wedding when she will go to the wedding chapel with the carriage. They have hired an associate photographer as well and I will position him to photograph when the carriage crosses the bridge to the wedding chapel. I can not wait to photograph Emily and Mike’s wedding day!

We planned to start the engagement photography session in the golden hour which is one hour before sunset. During this time the sunlight is very warm and soft and flattering. But the weather forecast predicted thunderstorm around 6pm to 8pm! We had struggled to coordinate this day with our busy schedules but fortunately we both had time in the early afternoon and changed the schedule. The overcast sky was equally nice and also provides a gentle, soft and flattering light. Light sprinkles helped to create a fun shot with an umbrella as well. We were lucky and had a great engagement photography session!

At first I thought Emily was a model. Because her posing was natural and great, she didn’t show any fear of the camera. I remembered when Emily called me first time, she said to me, “Hey Tomoko, I don’t know the reason of this and why, but I feel we can work very well.”  There was no barrier between Emily, Mike and me and we connected really well. She knows exactly what she wants to make me take her photos, and I could see that. Thank you for deciding me to hire me as your Boston wedding photographer – I am a super lucky to be able to work with such fun and lively people. Thank you!When we started engagement photography session, Mike said “I am not do well for photograph”, but after a few minutes he was used to the camera, relaxed and looking really natural. He has such a charming and affectionate smile.

Actually this was the first engagement photography session that I shot with my new Nikon D800’s. I was so exited to see the pictures from engagement photography session, it was of course great, fantastic, wonderful! The skin tones that it captures are amazing and I could get the great result which I expected.

The picture above is the same as the lead picture in this blog entry, it is just a 100% crop of Emily’s ring. While you wouldn’t want to print with this tight of a crop, you can see how much detail is contained in the 36 Megapixel picture. For the other wedding photographers waiting for their D800’s – be patient, it is definitely worth the wait!

I can not forget to mention my assistant. Sometimes he is an excellent photographer, sometimes he is guest blogger on my lens diary, and always he is my husband… Steve was the assistant holding lighting in this engagement photography session. Usually I use a stand to hold off-camera strobes but I talked him into coming by describing the venue’s beauty and Emily and Mike’s personality. Since we often work together, we have a similar focus on lighting, looking for a good balance with ambient light and creating flattering shadows. With his help I can work much quicker and get more variety of creative shots for my clients. I always appreciate his help.

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