Hi, I am Tomoko Leman, your Boston wedding, portrait and event photographer

My passion for photography began at age 7 when my father, himself a skilled photographer, gave me a compact camera. Encouraged by my father’s lessons on composition and photographic technique, I brought my camera everywhere, taking my friends’ portraits and documenting parties and festivals. At that time the camera was one of my toys, but I loved taking a photo and was very happy that through my photos, people could remember and share their precious moments.

After finishing high school I yearned for the bustle of the big city and moved to Tokyo. There I obtained an economics degree in college, worked as a graphical artist for an English instruction magazine and then worked as a secretary for several years. While organizing an international conference I met my future husband, an American – the details of our meeting are more amusing when he embellishes the story.

I always remained a photography enthusiast and was often asked to photograph work events in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and China and additionally friends’ weddings. I took a studio photography class to develop new skills and finally made the leap and started a photography business in Japan. Through portrait and event photography I was again able to preserve life’s happiest moments. Life’s journeys are sometimes indirect and I am fortunate to rediscover my calling.

To learn the nuances of American weddings I started working as an assistant for a highly accomplished Boston wedding photographer and soon was meeting my own clients. Wedding photography is fast paced but I love the elegance and excitement – and I love preserving the beauty, intimacy and emotions as a couple starts their new life together.

On one wedding I had my husband, also a skilled photographer, assist me on a wedding and he provided the following insight about my technique, “I’ve seen many professional photographers work and thought that photography was about the camera and people were subjects. After watching you I see that photography is about people – and you just happen to use a camera to capture their beauty, happiness and intimacy. It is a very flattering description as my technique does focus on just that – preserving your beauty, intimacy and passion.

If you have a wedding, portrait or event that I could help you with then please feel free to contact me. Face to face meetings or phone calls work best to build the relationship and rapport that is that is the hallmark of Tomoko Photo.

In every photo session I strive to turn a moment into an eternal treasure. When you look at your photos in the future they will…

   … move you to tears

   … make you smile again

    … start a conversation between you and your loved ones.

– Tomoko


Want to know more about me?

I love watermelon.


I love plants.


I love dogs and cats.


I love my husband.

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